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Separate Paypal buttons was option B if we could not get Member365 to work

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  • Everyone. We aren’t kidding!

  • Employers of local tech companies as well as other business sector looking to attract talent for open positions.

  • Job Seekers! Both Students and Professionals looking for new job opportunities. Find out who’s hiring, what types of opportunities are available, and what you need to land your dream job.

  • Government officials and policy makers to hear first-hand about the challenges and opportunities facing Ontario tech companies.

  • Investors, Venture Capitalists, Foreign Ambassadors who want to learn more about the tech landscape in Kanata North.

  • You! The general public. Learn what is happening right here in Kanata’s Tech Community.

  • Media looking for the inside track on who’s hiring and the growth status of Kanata North.

  • Come check out the cool careers available right here in Kanata North and engage in the biz community of TechNata.

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