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This position will be assigned to various roles and workstations throughout Systems Assembly as operationally required and will play a role in all stages of production by helping in various departmental cells. They will provide relief to the department cell that has current constraints in the flow of production. This position will require flexibility as they could work in different cells each day/week.


Assembles various types of products using different resources; solders electronics, connecting components manually such as, cable wires and sub-assemblies and attaches hardware, such as caps, knobs, lenses, switches clamps bumpers, clips. Perform functional test of assemblies and box builds, electrical testing of assemblies. Work in a variety of positions throughout the Systems Assembly department. Inventory control checks and understanding systems for routing production amongst other required duties


A self-starter with a mechanical aptitude, analytical, organised and excellent problem-solving skills. You possess the ability to adapt, think fast and work well with others. This position may work with various departments and personnel throughout the organization. Working in a fast-paced, priority driven, team environment; knowing that communication is key to finding and speaking with the right people to get things completed.


Manufacturing experience a college diploma, certificate or a high school diploma. Some experience with computer systems assembly or testing.