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Streamline – Software Developer Job Description 


There’s a lot of content that goes into live broadcast. From the video packages for news stories, to sports team logos, there is a lot for a facility to organize. Unbelievably, in this age of technology, there are still newsrooms trying to manage their content with tapes and disks! Surely there are better ways to work with your media? That’s where Streamline comes in!

Streamline is a Media Asset Management system that specializes in content delivery for live broadcast. We provide a central and convenient interface for organizing media, editing metadata, previewing assets, searching for content, order management and fulfillment. We also provide automated workflows for moving content for use on air, cleaning old content and generating reports on a wide range of information. That’s what Streamline does today, but we have a lot more work to do. We need you to help us get there.


We are a team currently transitioning into an agile workflow and believe in incremental development and continual improvement. We know we’re not perfect and as we embark on this journey, we expect to make mistakes, but also to learn from those mistakes and grow as a result to become steadier, faster, better.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so we are highly customer focused. If that means jumping on a plane and flying half-way around the world to address an issue, then that’s what we’ll do. We go above and beyond for all of our clients – big and small.

We believe in technical excellence and want to create craftspeople as opposed to developers and testers. We think that following best practices, such as TDD, clean code, adhering to SOLID design principles, clean architecture, test automation, and high levels of collaboration among the team produces the most maintainable and extendable applications.

While we have individual specialties, we are all full stack developers. Some of the languages and technologies we work with today include jQuery, HTML, CSS, Jetty, Ajax, Java, Eclipse, OSGi, Struts, and Hibernate. We’re also in the process of modernizing our front-end technologies which include React, Redux, NPM, Webpack, Jest and not jQuery! How can we expect our customers to buy our bleeding-edge technology if we don’t keep up-to-date ourselves?

That means we are always looking for better ways to adapt our work environment and processes to meet the high demands of our customers. Our roles morph, we volunteer for extra tasks, we all care a lot about helping to make good things happen. If you don’t like change, you’re in the wrong place, but if you do, then you can be part of an incredible journey.


We can help you flourish. You will get to develop and deliver innovative technological solutions for the entertainment industry. You will be part of the Ross Video family working in harmony to make that happen. We think that’s a pretty energizing environment.

We value our people and listen to their feedback. We offer great perks, flexible hours, free coffee and soft drinks (and a commercial espresso machine for when you need that extra jolt), team building events, BBQ’s, and other fun activities. You’ll also get to work on real-world projects that have a meaningful impact to our customers and are in use all over the world, every day.