Discover Technata 2.0 platform, launched today by the Kanata North Business Association, will connect the 5G epicenter to global tech talent amidst a booming local economy and growing startup ecosystem

Job Board to be focal point for professionals across Canada and internationally, bringing in talented professionals from around the world to live, work, play and learn

Ottawa, Canada, November 25th: Kanata North Business Association (KNBA), representing Canada’s largest technology park, announced today the launch of Discover Technata 2.0, a global talent attraction platform consisting of Virtual Career Fairs, Talent Roadshows and a state of the art Job Board.

The platform is one of the components of the Discover Technata Talent Recovery Plan to further position Kanata North as one of the world’s leading international destinations for tech professionals. The Kanata North Technology Park is home to over 540 companies and is recognized as a world leader in the global application economy with a number of sub-sectors thriving daily within the park, including communications, 5G wireless networking, software-as-a-service, connected and autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, assembly and manufacturing, cybersecurity, and more.

Emerging startups, such as, Solace, and Martello, as well as leading multinationals including Blackberry QNX, Nokia, Ericsson, Cienna, Mitel and Huawei, have all chosen to anchor many of their key R&D activities within the tech cluster. At Kanata North, offices, labs and homes thrive in a clean environment surrounded by nature and green spaces.

The organization’s Talent Recovery Plan is an ambitious digital transformation initiative that supports knowledge-based businesses in the technology park that employs about  28,000 workers. As a byproduct, other job opportunities are opening in the area for consultants, auditors, sales and marketing professionals, finance experts, and suppliers. KNBA is committed to building a center of cutting-edge tech companies in Ottawa, which conducts 90% of the nation’s telecom research and development.

In the context of the current environment and the “remote first” work policies that the pandemic has presented, the demand for research, development and services related to connectivity and 5G have increased opportunities exponentially for business in the park.

“There is unprecedented growth taking place worldwide related to 5G wireless broadband networks and solutions. Investments are being made around the globe in the communications industry, which will result in significant economic growth for the areas where the tech suppliers are prominent. I participate in this revolution every day,” said Sir Terry Matthews. “Initiatives such as those led by the Kanata North Business Association will ensure continued growth for our global 5G and other leaders for years to come.”

As part of the economic recovery plan to accelerate innovation through the pandemic, Discover Technata 2.0 seeks to attract job seekers from around the world to opportunities in Ottawa’s Kanata North. The platform’s Job Board brings together more than 500 companies with tens of thousands of job seekers, becoming a one-stop-shop for those seeking opportunities in an area that’s showing unprecedented growth and employment activity.

“Kanata North is a globally significant technology innovation cluster and a major contributor to Ontario and Ottawa’s respective economies. KNBA remains focused on initiatives that will foster innovation within the city of Ottawa. We aim to further position this region as one of the worlds’ leading tech capitals by helping drive the growth of the business area,” said Jamie Petten, President at Kanata North Business Association. “At the same time, we’re offering greater opportunities to talented professionals from around the world, and giving them a chance to thrive in our innovation center.”

Kanata North continues to position itself as the world’s primary 5G tech hub with exciting and disruptive businesses operating in clean tech, defense tech, software, and other tech verticals. For example, Blackberry’s QNX – which is used in autonomous vehicles, robotics and life-saving medical devices – is a member of the tech park. Additionally, local consultants, financial advisors and institutions, including assembly suppliers and manufacturers, have found opportunities for growth and expansion at Kanata North.

Discover Technata’s Job Board is expected to be a focal point for job seekers across Canada and internationally, bringing in talented professionals from around the world to live, work, play and learn within the Global 5G Innovation District and Living Lab.

The technology park is home to two universities as well as the city’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Public test track, where Ottawa was the first Canadian city to launch testing of an on-street autonomous vehicle (AV) communicating with live city infrastructure. The Kanata North tech community is the perfect smart city living lab for a highly educated and tech-oriented workforce to gather. Additionally, Kanata North is the HQ for the Canada-wide CENGN (Centre of Excellence for Next Generation Networks).

Earlier in October, the Discover Technata’s Virtual Career Fair broke a record with more than 17,000 registrants, connecting talented individuals with these companies. KNBA will also be holding a virtual roadshow under the Discover Technata brand to market these burgeoning tech opportunities to those in Toronto, Waterloo, Montreal, and Vancouver.

“2020 has been nothing but challenging, and it’s exciting to see everything that’s happening around the world and how the innovation ecosystem developing in Kanata North fits into it. Many industries are experiencing change daily, and Kanata North has become the perfect melting pot of tech talent, seasoned business leaders and new opportunities to build the future,” said Jason Flick, CEO at You.i TV. You.i TV is one of Kanata North’s success stories, with the software company allowing clients to deploy video apps across a variety of platforms.

The incredible work-life balance is another perk of Kanata North, as more than 50% of employees live within 5 kilometres of their office.

Ottawa has long been recognized as a global center for telecommunications, and the region continues to further its reputation as a tech hub. The region is one of the top destinations for R&D, with the second-highest concentration of scientists and engineers. The city was named Canada’s best tech hub to live and work in 2017.

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Kanata North Business Association is an organization committed to representing and advocating for the best interests of the over 543 member companies located in the area. As a critical part of Ottawa’s economic development future and a renowned hub of technology and innovation, the Kanata North business area is a robust and vital region that can foster even greater success for its constituent companies. For more information visit:

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