What’s different about the new Discover Technata job board?

The new Discover Technata job board is part of a complete overhaul of the discovertechnata.com website. The website has been expanded to include a home page with information and exciting stories, designed to attract talent to live, work, play, and learn in Kanata North. We have also expanded the TalentNews newsletter to include company success stories and personal profiles, some of which will also be featured on the website.

Oh yeah, we forgot about the job board! With a new backend powered by Getro job listing aggregation technology, the job board automatically syncs with most careers pages and websites, so your open jobs are automatically posted and taken down without any work from you. In addition, enhanced searchability and a new company gallery with company profile pages, delivers an evolution in user experience.

You noticed that, eh? All of the jobs listed are with members companies of the Kanata North Business Association. However, that doesn’t mean that all of the jobs listed are located in Kanata North. By allowing companies to showcase jobs both within Kanata North and abroad, we can provide all member companies the maximum flexibility to source the talent they need, where they need it.

That said, we’d be lying if we said our hearts were anywhere other than Kanata North. So, when a user clicks through from the home page to the job board, they see a filtered list of jobs located in (and around) Kanata North. If they remove the location filter, they can see the complete jobs list, with locations all over the world.

Over 50 companies were included on the job board prior to launch. The initial group of companies included those that participated in the Discover Technata virtual career fair, those that were active on the previous Job Board, and the companies represented on the KNBA HR Leaders Council. The list of companies were provided to our technology partner, Getro, and they pulled logos and company information from your website to create your company profile.

The Discover Technata job board is powered by job listing aggregation technology from Getro. Over 300 organizations like Techstars, TechAviv, and Foundry Group use Getro to power their own aggregated job boards, so we’re in good company. When we added your company, we also provided a link to your job listing on your careers website. For most companies, Getro is able to easily ‘scrape’ job listings every day and automatically update the jobs listed on the Discover Technata job board. If you don’t use an Applicant Tracking System, or if you list jobs in a non-standard way, then the Getro team manually intervenes once a month to update your job listings.

Of course! We are in the process of adding the remaining KNBA member companies, but we would be happy to expedite your addition if you let us know. Simply go to the Discover Technata contact page and send us a note. We’ll go ahead and add your company as soon as we can.

Most likely, you are in the process of being added. When we add a new company, the profile information is added instantly. However, we have to submit the URL where your jobs are listed to Getro to ensure that the job information can be read from your website or ATS. This process can take up to seven days.

We’re so glad you asked that. We can easily add Company Admins to the job board, so that you can edit your profile and manage job postings if necessary. Simply go to the Discover Technata contact page and send us a note with your name, title, company, and email address, and we’ll send you an invitation to become a Company Admin. At the same time, please let us know if there’s anything that needs to be corrected and we’ll take care of that for you while we are in the system.

Yes, we can still get you set up on the job board even if you aren’t hiring right now. Just let us know if you don’t see your company listed.

Yes, even if you don’t have a careers page or a jobs listing, you can still get set up on the job board. Simply go to the Discover Technata contact page and send us a note. We will add you company to the job board and send you an invitation to become a Company Admin. Then, you’ll be able to update your company profile and add jobs manually.

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